Our Family

1-Bob Marilyn & adult children

The picture of us above with our six children was taken back in 2013. Across the top we have Lori, Amy, Brian, Kara and Ben. One the front row to the right is our daughter, Jennifer. All are married with children of their own. Four live relatively nearby, while two live out-of-state. We feel incredibly blessed to be their parents, and love them more than words can express.

We have a lot of former missionaries in our family. The tallest in the group is our oldest son, Brian. He served his mission in three places: Las Vegas, New Jersey, and Bangalore, India. Our youngest son Ben, on the far right, served 2 years in Scotland. In addition, all our sons-in-law have served two-year missions: Matt served in Atlanta, Georgia; Chris served in Russia; Tim served in Guatemala; and Kade served in Ohio. We also have a grandson, Chris (our daughter Jen’s son), currently serving in Alberta, Canada – and now Bob and I have added Australia to the list!

The slide show below  is of each of our children with their families (aka our grandchildren!) and one of the whole family in 2013.

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2 thoughts on “Our Family

    1. Thank you, Cheryl! That is so nice of you to make a comment! (Sister Buckner)
      Hi Cheryl. We appreciate any and all comments & notes from home. -Hope you are doing well. (Elder Buckner;ß²)


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