Brumbies, Beef, and Brush Fires

We continue to love serving here on our LDS mission in Australia, and also love learning about the people, the land, and the history of this nation – which we hope you find as fascinating as we do! Like those powerful bolts of lightening that fully illuminate the land and sky even in the darkest of nights, it is our constant prayer that the gospel of Jesus Christ will set fire to the hearts and illuminate the minds of these wonderful people we have come here to love, teach, and serve. … More Brumbies, Beef, and Brush Fires


Getting Acquainted with Darwin

No, the croc’s name is not Darwin … but check out this picture of Elder Buckner holding a young crocodile. First, note the proportionately powerful tail: no wonder they travel so far and well in water! Second, note the fact that this small croc’s mouth is taped shut – for a reason. Even at this size, they can easily chomp off a man’s finger! Cute, huh? … More Getting Acquainted with Darwin