All About Shopping in Australia – Part 1

From wheeling grocery carts through the malls to trying to figure out when the stores will be open, shopping in Australia has certainly had its share of fun discoveries! … More All About Shopping in Australia – Part 1


Down on the Farm near Coolalinga

Just southeast of where we live in Zuccoli lie the communities of Coolalinga and Virginia where you will find miles and miles of scenic country roads weaving around through the lush countryside. As you drive down these roads, you can occasionally catch a glimpse of a home set back in the trees, or at the back of a lush expanse of grass. These larger tracts of land are all privately owned and fenced, with various types and styles of gates blocking their entrance . One particular gate, however, was designed to contain rather than exclude. … More Down on the Farm near Coolalinga

Brumbies, Beef, and Brush Fires

We continue to love serving here on our LDS mission in Australia, and also love learning about the people, the land, and the history of this nation – which we hope you find as fascinating as we do! Like those powerful bolts of lightening that fully illuminate the land and sky even in the darkest of nights, it is our constant prayer that the gospel of Jesus Christ will set fire to the hearts and illuminate the minds of these wonderful people we have come here to love, teach, and serve. … More Brumbies, Beef, and Brush Fires

Speaking Australian

We initially thought that serving a mission in another English-speaking country would be a piece of cake! I got a glimpse of the fact that there might be a least few challenges soon after our mission call. I was watching a series on Netflix while exercising on the elliptical machine in our basement when a new Australian character was introduced on the show. Even after listening to him through quite a few episodes, I could hardly understand a word he spoke! … More Speaking Australian

Driving Through the Middle of the Australian Outback, Part 2

It’s not easy to get lost here because the only paved road for hundreds of kilometers was the one we were on! The 550 mile drive to Alice Springs seemed to go by fairly fast. The distance was similar to driving from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas, but at 62 mph instead of 80. Since the road only had one lane each way and we were pulling a trailer, we weren’t comfortable going any faster than that. … More Driving Through the Middle of the Australian Outback, Part 2