About Us

Bob and I were both converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the same summer in different states in the U.S.A. when we were fourteen. We met while attending Brigham Young University. We have been married  for nearly 45 years and have six wonderful children and sixteen precious grandchildren.

We both enjoy being outdoors, riding our ATVs, and love to watch a good movie together. Bob enjoys bow hunting, fishing, reading and watching sports, while I prefer things like hiking, gardening, photography or oil painting. We both also enjoy a little bit of adventure, which is partly why we are serving on the other side of the world in the Australia Adelaide mission. The biggest reason, however, is that we love our Savior, and the joy that comes from helping others to feel His love and have His healing influence in their lives.

Why the name, “Wonders Down Under?” Curious by nature, I love seeing and learning about new things. Living in Australia has provided a rich environment in which to do just that – and I hope the places we visit and the things we learn here are interesting and enlightening to you, dear reader, as well!


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